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can we just bask in the glory of beatles sass

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i did not make these but i wanted prof. x, magneto and wolverine dancing on my dash.

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The Flower Spirit Goes On And On from combefairy on 8tracks Radio.

Jehan season is here!! xx

The Flower Spirit Goes On And On

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enjolras & grantaire →  {c}

enjolras could only remember his face like a memory that had lasted like a flickering flame before there was nothing again. grantaire’s lips had tasted something foreign and he had been something estranged, perhaps it was the cigarette smoke or the way his fingers were always covered with charcoal. (maybe how words fell from his mouth like a breath of freedom which he hadn’t had to his own in his whole life or the wild look in his eye when he stared even in his cynicism at the horizon). they had called it the ship of dreams with an arrogance only businessmen could jest — a newspaper headline — and the titanic had sunk with hundreds left to the sea and enjolras could only hold grantaire’s hand until the cold was too much to bear. 

"make every moment count," grantaire had said in a way enjolras hadn’t heard from him before and would never again. "before there are no more left to have."


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And Thy Whispering Melodies Are Tenderer Still from combefairy on 8tracks Radio.

"And Thy Whispering Melodies Are Tenderer Still". John Keats.

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Give It Endlessly Away from combefairy on 8tracks Radio.

Give It Endlessly Away.

A Grantaire fanmix. Hope you enjoy!